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CellEngine Subscriptions

General Academic
Price per concurrent user per month
User accounts are free. You pay only for the number of concurrent logins.
$205 $130
Data Analysis
Versatile, end-to-end analysis from your Web browser and our API.
Data Storage
Enough for most users. Only FCS files and attachments that you upload count toward your usage; shared and copied experiments do not. Storage is pooled among users in your billing account.
400 GB

Each user has their own account. Logging in to CellEngine requires an available concurrent user slot. For example, a subscription with two concurrent users allows two users to login at a time. Additional users would have to wait for another user to log out before they could log in.

General licenses includes a 99.9% uptime service-level agreement (SLA). Academic licenses are available to degree-granting institutions.

Additional Options

Service Industry/General Academic
Additional Storage per GB, per month $0.03 $0.03
Custom Domain per month
Enterprise features including custom IAM roles, additional privacy features and auditable security logs.
$420 $5
Alpha R and Python Analysis Pack
Each pack includes 120 vCPU⋅hours and 480 GB RAM⋅hours—enough for a month of typical usage. Buy more if you intend to perform highly parallelized or intensive analysis. vCPU and RAM⋅hours act like tokens and are valid as long as you have an active subscription.
$10 $7
21 CFR 11-Compliant License Contact Us
API Consulting
Assistance integrating CellEngine with your LIMS, EMR, analysis pipeline or other system.
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