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Creating Publication-Ready Images

Illustrations exported as PDFs are comprised of vector graphics, with few exceptions. These PDFs can be opened in Adobe Illustrator and other PDF editors and rescaled without affecting quality.


The first time that you edit a PDF exported from CellEngine in Adobe Illustrator or another PDF editor, you may see a Missing Fonts dialog stating that Roboto, Tinos, Arimo and/or Cousine are missing. You can either install those fonts using the instructions below, or change the fonts to ones that you already have installed.


You only need to install fonts if you are editing PDFs; you do not need to install fonts if you only viewing PDFs (e.g. using Acrobat or Preview).

To install the fonts used by CellEngine in PDFs:

  • Using Typekit If you have a Creative Cloud or Typekit subscription, Illustrator will automatically sync these missing fonts from Typekit when you click Sync Fonts in the Missing Fonts dialog.

  • Using SkyFonts Navigate to’s Google Fonts page, click Install SkyFonts, and then add the missing fonts. You may have to restart Illustrator after the fonts install.

  • Manually Click here to download all four fonts. Unzip the downloaded file, then install the new fonts: In Windows, open the Arimo folder, select all of the files, then right-click and select Install. Repeat for the three other font folders. In MacOS, search for and open Font Book in Spotlight, then drag the downloaded font files into the Font Book window. Restart Illustrator.

If you prefer to change the fonts to ones that you already have installed, the metrically equivalent fonts are Times New Roman™ (Tinos), Arial™ (Arimo) and Courier New™ (Cousine). Simply select the text that you want to change, then select a new font.

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